Helpful and friendly

I bought a 2017 Golf and after bouncing around a number of other dealerships trying to find the car that I felt the best driving in, Fredericton Volkswagen and their team ended up being some of the most helpful and friendly individuals I had the pleasure of doing business with! Really enjoying my new car!

Brandon Steeves

Other Satisfied Customers

 September 21 2017

Amazing help and support

Shellie Morton

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 September 20 2017

Great help and service!

Derek Gaudreault

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 September 19 2017

Very positive experience

Marc Horncastle

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 September 13 2017

Exceptional service

Rose Rommens

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 August 21 2017

Excellent experience!

John Richards

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 August 15 2017

Great team!

Len Ohalloran

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