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Fredericton Volkswagen is your one stop affordable tire shop.  We have hundreds of tires in stock to ensure we can look after all of your tire needs.  With any vehicle, the manufacturer recommends a specific tire specification to ensure your vehicle performs, handles, and operates safely in any driving condition.


The specifications are often over looked which can have a serious impact on how your vehicle handles on the road.  Every tire has a speed and weight rating in addition to an overall size measurements.  At Fredericton Volkswagen our team will ensure that your vehicle has the right size tires and that they are rated in accordance with VW Canada’s recommendations.


Some of the name brands that we have in stock are Pirelli, Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental, Firestone, Toyo, Cooper, Yokohama, and Good Year to name a few.  We always stock an affordable replacement tire and a premium tire for those clients who expect the best from their VWs ride and handling well traveling our New Brunswick roads.


Tire quality can be measured in several ways.  The main characteristics of a Tires performance can be broken down in to a few major differences.  How long a tire will last, how quiet a tire rides, and how well the tire grips the road.


Tire Life


To increase your tires life and get the most value out of your tires always make sure you rotate tires often.  Tire rotation should be done at every service interval.  Tire pressure is also a major factor.  Under or over inflated tires cause premature wear and are a major safety concern.  At Fredericton Volkswagen we fill all tires with Nitrogen.  The Nitrogen works better than traditional air because it is less likely to react to temperature changes which translated into real work terms as fluctuations in tire pressure.  Another benefit of properly inflated tires is fuel economy.  Under inflated tires take away from valuable fuel economy which cost you money.


Wheel Alignment


Related to tire wear and vehicle performance wheel alignment is also something that needs to be done annually.  With pot holes and other bumpy sections of road which are common place in Fredericton, it’s not unusual to have your vehicles wheels misaligned.  It only takes one big pothole or major bump in the road to knock your alignment out.  The results of misaligned wheels translate into a poor tire wear and at times the tendency for the vehicle to pull to one side or the other.  If you experience pulling please contact us for a wheel alignment before the tire wear becomes so severe that new tires are needed.


We hope this information about tires is helpful.  If you have any more questions about your Volkswagens tires, tire wear, or wheel alignments please click on the contact service tile on the left of this screen or call Fredericton Volkswagen at 506-454-2886 with your concern.