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Welcome to Fredericton VW! If you missed our City-Wide courtesy shuttle, you can find directions to the dealership below!

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You purchased one of the finest automobiles on the road. It is our job to help you keep it that way - and our pleasure. Nothing fits your VW like Factory Original VW Parts. Nothing preserves its performance, warranty or safety like the actual part made for your car. We have a great team of experienced VW Certified Parts Consultants at Fredericton Volkswagen that are ready to help in any way.


Selling and servicing VWs for more than 30 years gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to finding that special part for your VW, old or new. Safety, resale value and reliability are just some of the reasons to see us when you need VW parts. Please contact us directly - we can help.


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Do you have Swag?



We have plenty of cool swag for you AND your Volkswagen! Fredericton Volkswagen has all kinds of shirts, hats, jackets, and other cool VW Swag that everyone likes. Heck, we even have VW dog leashes/collars and water bottles! If you want to wear your colors proud come on in today and check out all of our VW stuff.






Check out the entire Volkswagen Collection. We can order anything you like! Simply ask parts.



Fredericton VW Swag! VW Swag, accessories, merchanddise, hats, jackets and more VW SWAG